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Andrew Harwood

Samantha Syrenne - Photographer/Social Media Manager

Growing up with a dad being very passionate about automobiles and always fascinated with customizing them, you could say this runs in my blood. My love for the automotive business started when I got my first truck at 17. It was a white 2001 Ford Sport Trac, and we transformed it with an interior that resembled the "True Religion" stitching and tuned it so that it roared each time you turned on the ignition. Ever since that moment, I have been addicted to the look and sound of nice vehicles.

Samantha Syrenne
Jared Syrenne
Ian Harwood

Andrew Harwood - Writer/Advisor/Consultant

Not many people can say their first vehicle was a behemoth 4x4 truck sitting on 36-inch- tall and 14-inch- wide tires; adopting the nickname of Black Mamba by all that can see it. While the Black Mamba is mostly responsible for my love of trucks today, it’s been the many years of getting to drive hundreds of the newest vehicles that has truly inspired me. I've been lucky enough to have driven more vehicles that most people will drive in their entire lives, and with the constant improvements I've seen year after year, it amazes me how much this industry can innovate. The thrill of a new ride and the constant improvements in technology always has me excited for what's next.

Jared Syrenne - Founder

Growing up in a small mountainside town in British Columbia, Canada. As a kid, I was always could be found on something with wheels. I loved the feeling and freedom that those wheels gave me, flying up and down those hills on whatever transportation I could get my grubby hands on. A reoccurring theme as I got older, seemed to be spending large sums of what little money I had on going faster, and turning more heads. To me, a fine automobile or truck is the pinnacle of freedom, and whether I'm on or off the road you can be sure to catch me flying by, making noise and lovin life.

Ian Harwood - Writer/Manager of Media Relations/Consultant

His career started with the opening of a small 4-wheel drive shop in the early 80s. This shop was involved in custom fabrication, complete 4×4 rebuilds, and sales of off-road related products. This would prepare him for his current position as Manager for Custom Truck Parts, one of the largest accessory warehouses in Canada. He started his journalism career in the late 1990s with a column in a national magazine for automotive enthusiasts. In the spring of 2005 Ian was approached by a local news outlet to write a weekly column. Wilderness exploring, fishing, and four wheeling have been his passion since he was a teenager. Some memorable moments in Ian’s career are flying in by the famous Rubicon Trail in Northern California and driving a 2007 Jeep Wrangler out of the backwoods, up to a waterfall and out of the trail to Lake Tahoe.