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The Canyon or the Colorado?

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November 2017

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The offered diesel engine capability makes the Chevy Colorado and GMC Canyon the most fuel-efficient trucks on the market. The Chevy Colorado provides a 13.6L/100km city and a 9.9L/100km highway. The Canyon edges out over the Colorado. The GMC Canyon sports a 10.8L/100km city and 7.7L/100km highway capability. The difference may be only a slight improvement, but this will add up over time and be more exaggerated since gas prices are sky-high at the moment.

Edge: GMC Canyon

Safety-wise General Motors has supplied both trucks with 6 standard airbags, lane departure warning, collision alert, traction control and StabiliTrak® stability control system. StabiliTrak® seamlessly detects unrecognizable or un-foreseeable road conditions like ice or hydroplaning. Both also offer a five year/160 000 km powertrain limited warranty.

Edge: Tie

The interior of both trucks is dull and lacks flare. I understand the idea of not wanting too many complicated nobs and switches, but the features like lack of push button start and keyless entry is a miss. There is seating for five and is spacious for being mid-sized trucks. The display screen and technology are Apple car play compatible as well as a featured Wi-Fi hotspot. The seats are made of a higher quality material in the GMC Canyon which takes the edge in the category. Not to mention the GMC Canyon features the Denali® upgrade possibility.

Edge: GMC Canyon

Highly coveted as the pillars of mid-sized trucks, the 2017 Colorado and the 2017 Canyon are cut from the same cloth. 

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Highly coveted as the pillars of mid-sized trucks, the 2017 Colorado and the 2017 Canyon are cut from the same cloth. Both developed by General Motors, the two are virtually identical in specifications. However, I am going to break them both down to give my opinion on which does pull out ahead. Now, this is going to be similar to deciding which one is better Pepsi or Coke, but it’s ultimately going to boil down to preferability.

Both offer a 2.8-litre four-cylinder diesel engine giving effective drivability and tow rating. Both have the capability of hauling 7700 pounds which is impressive for a mid-sized truck. This capacity is ideal for buyers looking for a capable vehicle that is more practical to maneuver around. With a gracious amount of torque (369-lbs) and an upgraded 8-speed transmission, there is no usually lag off the line when driving. The Duramax and the turbo-diesel featured in the Chevy Colorado both are surprisingly quiet. I was anticipating that there would be a louder than usual hum from the engine. However, both trucks feature an extra layer of paneling to lower the noise.

Edge: Tie

The exterior is more of a personal judgment and opinion. The trucks both have similar features, and both look appealing, so it has to come down to the small features. Comparable to the personal preference to the attraction of another person, you may find things that while the overall image is pleasing, maybe the nose is a little off, or it's terrible eyebrows and extra hair. This is where people will have to choose for themselves. The Chevy Colorado has a rugged look to the hood in the ZR2 class, giving it a meaner look. However, the GMC Canyon has additions of chrome in the grille and door handles. Now, personally feel the GMC Canyon grille is more appealing than the Colorado.  

Edge: GMC Canyon

With two nearly identical mid-sized trucks, it only appeared after careful dissection that the GMC Canyon is suited more for the foreman, or business class while the Chevy Colorado is more for the everyday blue collar worker. Styling is essential but always biased, so functionality and performance are what it came down to. Both mid-sized trucks will get the job done, so when one does come at a lowerprice my verdict is in support of the Chevy Colorado.  The cost of the GMC Canyon starts at $23,160, while the Chevy Colorado begins at  $22,130. Regardless, it’s all about priorities. Some people are willing to shackle up more money for the slight increase in luxury. However, I am not. I am as cheap as they come.

Verdict: Chevy Colorado   


  • GMC Canyon            
    • Starting at: $23 160       
    • 10.8L/100km City and 7.7L/100km Highway  
    •  2.8-litre 4 cylinder Duramax® Eco-Diesel

  • Chevy Colorado
    • Starting at: $22 130
    • 13.6L/100km City and 9.9L/100km Highway
    • 2.8-litre 4 cylinder turbo-diesel